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​Virtual Reality Based Research Tools

Contact Immersive Science for information about these virtual reality tools or to explore the creation of a custom VR-space that supports your research goals.

​​Protein Structure

  • AltPDB  -  Group Activity

    • Collaborate in-VR-space on molecular structure of proteins loaded from the Protein Databank (PDB)
      • ​Try the free Altspace Activity here

  • AltPDB  -  Research
    • ​Added ability to handle proteins and explore more complex visualizations
    • Contact us to find out more

  • ChimeraX - Protein Analytics
    • ​Great tool from UCSF - ChimeraX
    • Free download to non-profits
    • Contact us for for-profit use license

Cellular Structure Microscopy

  • ConfocalVR

    • View and manipulate confocal microscope image stacks pre-processed with ImageJ.
    • Reviews here and here.
    • Free to non-profit organizations here​.
    • Contact us for for-profit use license

Flow Cy​tometry (FCS) Data Immersion

  • FCS-VR  (think VR FlowJo) 

    • View multichannel FCS data as 3D point cloud plots allowing you to significantly increase your understanding of data. View measured parameters in VR quickly and interactively, instantaneously switching which parameters are plotted on which axis. 

    • Preprocess FCS files with FlowJo, Diva or equivalent, then output a "csv" data file for immersive viewing in FCS-VR.

    • Contact us for software licensing details​.