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“You have to know the right question to ask before you can get the right answer.”

  • Immersive visualization and analysis tools
  • Accelerate understanding of complex data
  • Fast and simple to use
  • Interact, and collaborate, all while immersed
  • Explore your data and develop new hypothesis
  • Engage the full power of  your visual system

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Immersive Visualization Apps



Explore and Analyze

3D Star Data

from the Gaia Archive

Stellar Extinction around M4


Constellations Edition

Immerse Yourself

In the Stars that

Make up the


Stellar Extinction around M4


Visualize 3D 

Astronomy Datacubes

(currently in development)




3D Image-Stack Viewer

(free to non-profits)


Advanced 3D

Image-Stack Viewer


3D Cytometry Marker

Analysis with 3D Gating


R&D Magazine: Immersive Science LLC Brings VR Tools to Research Labs

3D visualization technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) have gained popularity in the recent decade.


Stellar Extinction around M4

StarGateVR:  Investigating Nearby Young Moving Groups (AAS Jan 12 2023)

MicroMagnify: A Multiplexed Expansion Microscopy Method for Pathogens and Infected Tissues (ExMicroVR)

Non-technical Summary


Background: Immersive Science was started to build and distribute custom VR applications for the scientific research community. ImmSci (“im sigh”) builds tools based on the needs of researchers world-wide.  Working with those scientists, VR applications have been created for the biomedical and astronomical research communities. The ability to both see and interact with data (grabbing, scaling, adjusting,  sharing, collaborating) significantly accelerates understanding. 

Best Use: VR tools have been found most valuable in the hypothesis generation step of scientific research.  Precise detail measurements are well suited to existing analysis tools. However, when you are viewing new, high resolution, multi-channel data, you just don’t know what you will find. You can’t design experiments to validate hypotheses, until you make initial observations that lead to new hypothesis. This is where existing StarGateVR, ExMicroVR, and ConfocalVR customers are finding immersive visualization and manipulation highly useful.

ImmSci tools have been published in The Journal of Molecular Biology, and described in Nature Toolbox and GeekWire. (See News & Publications), and have been downloaded by over 200 research institutes worldwide. Our newest product, StarGateVR, was presented at the 2023 American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle.

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