Development of Virtual Reality Based

Scientific Research Tools


New Product Announcement – ConfocalPro-LG: 3D Medical Imaging on the LookGlassFactory “holographic” display.

Immersive Science develops 3D image visualization tools for virtual reality and holographic display systems. These software tools accelerate the understanding of complex datasets, like image-stacks, DICOM images, or flow cytometry data. We make it fast and simple to engage with your data, to see and interact with it, in three dimensions. We bring the full power of the human binocular visual perception system to bear on your research questions.

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Immersive Science was started by Tom Skillman to build and distribute custom XR (VR&AR) applications for the scientific research community. ImmSci builds on the immersive VR experiences that he built with immune system researchers at Benaroya  Research Institute. Working with those scientists he developed VR applications for confocal microscopy and flow cytometry that enabled scientists to be immerse in their data. The ability to both see and interact with their data (grabbing, scaling, adjusting,  sharing) significantly accelerates understanding.

Examples of ImmSci tools have been published in The Journal of Molecular Biology, and described in Nature Toolbox and GeekWire. (See News & Publications)


Cellular Structure Microscopy


DOWNLOAD ConfocalVR V2.0

View confocal microscope image-stacks in fully immersive virtual reality. Compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus RIft, and Microsoft Mixed Reality.  Developed for researchers to allow you to see details of cell structure in your images that you have never seen or appreciated before. Use ImageJ (free from NIH) to convert confocal microscope image stacks into 3D volumetric object files (NIfTI ) that you can then view in ConfocalVR.







Flow Cy​tometry Data Immersion


View multichannel flow cytometry data as 3D point cloud plots allowing you to significantly increase your understanding of data. View measured parameters in VR quickly and interactively, instantaneously switching which parameters are plotted on which axis. Includes 3D gating and outputs of per-gate parameters. Interpret your data over 3x faster.

  • Preprocess FCS files with FlowJo, Diva, or equivalent, then output a “csv” data file for immersive viewing in FCS-VR.
  • Contact us for software licensing details​.

ImmSci Portable VR Workstation 


ImmSci now offers a pre-configured portable VR system that can get you setup and running ImmSci developed applications quickly. Avoid the distraction of  learning all the low level VR setup details and show off your research to sponsors and collaborators more quickly.

ImmSci Portable Workstation includes:

  • Fast GPU Laptop
  • Samsung Odyssey “Windows Mixed Reality” VR System
  • VR Backpack to hold laptop and VR System
  • Licenses for 1 of ImmSci’s tools:
    • ConfocalVR
    • FCS-VR

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