ConfocalVR and ExMicroVR Collaboration Guide


ConfocalVR and ExMicroVR have a collaboration mode that allow all collaborators (2 to 4) to be in the same “virtual room”, so that you see the same image-stack and to each person see any changes made to the image position or visualization parameters. You can also see the head and hand motions of all collaborators, and you hear their voices coming from where they are in the virtual room, even if they move around.  All of this sensory input increase the immersive experience.

A few things have to be in place before you start your collaboration meeting:

  • When we each click the “Start Collaboration” button, we both need to type in the same ROOM name, so you and your collaborators need to agree on a name in advance, something like “COLLAB”. 
  • Make sure you and your collaborators have the same version of ConfocalVR/ExMicroVR. This is required because the communication protocol and shared data changed between version.
  • Make sure there are no internet firewalls that will interfere with our collaboration. To test this, sometime before your meeting, go into ConfocalVR/ExMicroVR and click on “Start Collaboration”. Watch to see if long thin pointers appear coming out of each hand controller. If they do then you have the required network access and all should be good.  If you don’t get the pointers, you may have your computer attached to a protected network. If possible, change your internet connection to an “open” network. Most companies have these for visiting guests, etc.  If you can’t get through your work firewall, you may be able to run the app from home.
  • All collaborators must have a local copy of the same image folder that is going to be used, with all the same image channel data and text data files.  For testing you can download the compressed image folders from
  • Make sure your VR headphone and microphone are both on and volume turned up so everyone can talk and listen while viewing the 3D image.
  • In case your have any trouble connecting, you can talk by Zoom ir phone to work out any glitches, so it might be useful to set up a Zoom meeting or share your phone numbers in advance of the meeting.