Sample Images


Cell walls (blue), chromosomes (red), spindle fibers (green)

Full organ view

Relocalization of Rab11a in response to toxin treatment – from Dr. Caroline Stefani (BRI). Combination of 2 images side by side: left untreated and right treated with drug.

Super-resolution volumetric image of C.Albican biofilm – from Dr. Yongxin Zhao (CMU)

The data set is a segment of an isolated mesenteric artery. This blood vessel supplies a region of the gut wall and has been pressure fixed at 70mmHg so that the normal shape is conserved.  The fixed artery was then scanned on a laser scanning confocal microscope.  One channel of data has the cell nuclei (red) the other is a mix of autofluorescence and alpha1-adrenoceptors stained with BODIPY FL-prazosin (green).  The holes in the internal elastic lamina (inner surface) are particularly nice in this dataset.   The outer adventitial surface has a sympathetic nerve running along the length of the vessel. From Dr. Craig J Daly, School of Life Sciences, University of Glasgow.