Visualization Tool for Astronomy Datacubes

Currently in development. Prototype available for demonstration. 

AstroCubeVR is a virtual reality application that lets you and your collaborators meet in a shared virtual space and jointly explore 3D datacubes of astronomical observation, such as nebulae.  A prototype version of the application has been developed, and we are looking for collaborators to work with to extend AstroCubeVR’s capablities. 

AstroGateVR in Action – We received very positive feedback from astronomers who experienced our demostration at the 241st  American Astronomical Society meeting, January 2023.

The carbon monoxide (CO) emission from the Butterfly Nebula

AstroCubeVR runs on GPU accelerated Windows PC and is compatible with Quest, Vive, and Samsung headset.

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Acknowledgements:   AstroCubeVR  was developed by Immersive Science LLC, and refined through a collaboration with Rochester Institute of Technology, enabled by support to RIT from NASA’s Astrophysics Data Analysis Program.