CyTOF and Flow Cytometer Data Explorer

to Accelerate Research

FlowGateVR™ loads compensated event csv files, typically generate by FlowJo or similar tool. 

Once loaded, quickly select which 3 markers you want to display on the three VR axes, x, y, and z.  You will get a point for each event in the datafile. Change your axes selections to explore your data. Use 3D gates to select out subsets of the data, then switch the axes to further explore the data in other dimensions. Save and export gated points into csv files for further analysis.

  • Compatible with Meta Quest headsets for standalone operation. Side-load datasets and you are up and running in VR, immersed in your exploration.

This video shows an example immersive exploration where the 2D tSNE analysis results were added as 2 additional columns in the csv datafile with markers (columns) vs events (rows). You can then explore the connections between a reduced dimension cluster plot and the markers that were used to compute the reduction.

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