Virtual Reality Based

Scientific Visualization Tools

Immersive Science has created virtual reality (VR) data manipulation tools to accelerate the understanding of complex multidimensional datasets. It fast and simple to engage with your data, to see and interact with it, bringing the full power of the human visual perception system to your research investigations.

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Visualization Tools

ConfocalVR: Advanced Microscopy Image-Stack Viewer

View confocal microscope image-stacks in fully immersive virtual reality. Compatible with most workstation based VR systems.  Developed for researchers to allow you to see details of cell structure in your images that you have never seen or appreciated before. Supports online VR collaboration, audio and visual, for up to 4 researchers. ConfocalVR is the “Pro” version of ExMicroVR.

ConfocalVR Installation and User Guide

Image Stack Preparation Guide

Collaboration Guide

ConfocalVR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

DataGateVR: Multidimensional Data Analysis

Analyze multidimensional data sets (csv columns) by selecting any 3 parameters as cartesian dimensions, isolate (gate) interesting datapoints, change dimensions again, and sub-gate until you have isolated key attributes of your dataset.

    GaiaQuestVR: Quest2 Viewer for Gaia 3D Star Data

    View Gaia 3D star data in VR. Explore the universe and fly among the stars.


      Background: Immersive Science was started to build and distribute custom VR applications for the research community. ImmSci (“im sigh”) builds on the immersive VR experiences.

      ImmSci tools have been published in The Journal of Molecular Biology, and described in Nature Toolbox and GeekWire. 

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