Requirements for Next Generation ConfocalVR

 What would make confocalVR super easy to use…


  • Works on Windows (and Apple, Unix?)
  • Simple install and startup
  • Works with any VR equipment (desktop or cell)
  • Loads any image type – ome-tiff, …
  • Works seamlessly with ImageJ allowing use of all ImageJ tools
  • Loads any image structure – single channel, multi channel, movie
  • Initial image load leads to a very simple image display (grab, rotate, and scale only)
  • Add features that the user needs (image control, blending, excluding, counting, measure,…)
  • One-click collaboration (video & audio) with immediate shared image file/dir
  • Simple 2D and 3D screenshots, maybe 3D 180


  • Keep visual display simple
  • Keep controller interface simple
  • No visual jitter when compute bound