ImmSci Portable VR Workstation

$4999 USD

ImmSci has configured a complete portable VR system to enable you to get to your immersive experience with minimum effort. 

ImmSci Portable Workstation:

  • ASUS 1070 GPU Laptop
  • Samsung Odyssey "Mixed Reality" System
  • One of the following single user software licenses
    • ConfocalVR
    • FCS-VR
    • AltPDB

         ($1K each for additional licenses)

System will be preconfigured with your chosen application and includes 2 hrs of phone support. Additional customization to your research needs is available at $250/hr for for-profits and $150/hr to non-profits.

Click below to request an official quote. Please provide your company name, email address, and quantity. An official quote will be emailed back promptly.

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